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D=Distributors      I=Importers     M=Manufactuers
Nuts 1 D IL Abcor Fasteners Inc
Nuts 2 D MI Nord-Lock Inc. Locking nuts
Nuts 3 D NY Freundlich Supply Co.
Nuts 4 D OH Stafast Products Inc.
Nuts 5 I NY Sherex Industries Ltd
Nuts 6 M CA Atlas Specialty Products
Nuts 7 M CA Disc-Lock International
Nuts 8 M CA UMX
Nuts 9 M FL KingNut
Nuts 10 M IL Aztech Locknut Company
Nuts 11 M IL Locknut Tech.
Nuts 12 M MA Nuts Inc
Nuts 13 M MI Henrob Corp
Nuts 14 M MI Slip-On Locknut Co.
Nuts 15 M MI Vamp Co.
Nuts 16 M MI Wyandotte Industries Inc
Nuts 17 M NJ MRL Mfg. Corp.
Nuts 18 M OH Great LakesParts
Nuts 19 M OH Industrial Nut Corp
Nuts 20 M OH Ramco Specialties Inc
Nuts 21 M OH RB & W
Nuts 22 M PA PEM Fastening Systems
Nuts 23 M TN Greer Stop Nut Div SPS
Nuts 24 M TX Lok-Mor Inc.
Nuts 25 M WI Coupling Nut Supply