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D=Distributors      I=Importers     M=Manufactuers
Specialty 1 Stud welding D Stud Welding Products CA
Specialty 2 Specialty items D A and A Engineering PA
Specialty 3 Knobs I J.W. Winco Inc WI
Specialty 4 Bullets M Hawk Inc. NJ
Specialty 5 Cable ties M ACT Fastening Solutions MA
Specialty 6 Cables M Quick Cable Corp WI
Specialty 7 Fitting Brass M Lakeshore Automatic Products MI
Specialty 8 Fitting Brass M Anderson Metals MO
Specialty 9 Fitting Brass M Precision Fittings OH
Specialty 10 Plugs M General Plug OH
Specialty 11 Plugs M Shirring & Co. OH
Specialty 12 Rings M S & M Retaining Rings NJ
Specialty 13 Slugs M Blue Ridge Metal Corp NC
Specialty 14 Sockets M Safety Socket LLC IL
Specialty 15 Spacers M W.J. Roberts Co. Inc. MA
Specialty 16 Specialty items M Innovative Components Inc. IL
Specialty 17 Specialty items M APM-Hexseal NJ
Specialty 18 Specialty items M Keystone Fastening Tech PA
Specialty 19 Springs M Smalley Steel Ring IL
Specialty 20 Springs M Peterson Spring MI
Specialty 21 Stamping M Schneider & Marquard Inc. NJ
Specialty 22 Stamping M Matenaer Corp. WI
Specialty 23 Stud welding M Image Industries IL
Specialty 24 Stud welding M Champion Fasteners NJ
Specialty 25 Stud welding M Midwest Fastener OH
Specialty 26 Terminals M Hillsdale Terminal & Tools MI
Specialty 27 Threaded inserts M E-Z Lok CA
Specialty 28 Threaded inserts M Tri-Star Industries Inc CT
Specialty 29 Threaded inserts M Acme Industrial IL
Specialty 30 Threaded inserts M Time Fastener Co. NV
Specialty 31 Thumb Screws M Shear-lock CA
Specialty 32 Wire forms M Northern Wire  WI
Specialty 33 Wire products M Homer Donaldson Co. MI
Specialty 34 Wire products M Hindley Mfg. Co. RI